Texas Department of Human Services

    Food Stamp Office - (713-767-2095)

    WIC Program  

    Food assistance for children up to age five years - (800-942-3678)

    Hope for the Hungry                                           Killeen Food Bank 

         Food Links
Hotline Links
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Central Texas Youth Services

1-800-421-TEEN (8336)


Texas Department of Family & Protective Services Child Abuse Hotline



Family Law Hotline                                                       Sexual Assault Legal Hotline

800-777-FAIR (Statewide)                                            888-296-SAFE (Statewide)

512-476-1866 (Austin)                                                   512-225-9290 (Austin)


Family Violence Legal Line

800-374-HOPE (Statewide)

512-476-5770 (Austin)